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giant info post

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entry very much in progress.

i’m writing from the perspective of someone who’s played the game thoroughly and explored the backstory in some detail, but it’s as much a process of rediscovery as enjoying the good ol’ times because it’s been two years and my head has in the meantime filled with the alphabet soup of EBITDA and PVIFA.

meta for my own reference more than anything after the cut.

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October 4, 2008 at 4:14 am

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to-do list

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  • blog abyss as it comes out, possibly other series,
  • meta for macross frontier, plus a dash of blather for code geass (et tu, clamp).
  • consistent meta and a few notes on characterisation in reborn.
  • resist urge to watch ugly betty and blather about house.
  • gameblogs probable (51/256) once ps2/ps3 is re-equipped.
  • resist urge to blather about real life.

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September 30, 2008 at 5:21 am

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i actually started this up because i got really sick of basel ii and ecap – to the point of getting on encyclopedia dramatica and blatantly serfing during class. said concepts were supposed to be inhaled, a part of me, like the back of my hand, etc, three weeks ago, but nevertheless! indulging an idea i’ve been wanting to execute for three years – ie blog publicly about a habit that i’ve had for nine years, i can’t believe that i’m so old already – also counts as personal growth, yes?

[…someone beat me to by 9 days. *sob*]

really, the discovery of jp showed me The Way: meta ftw. too lazy busy to take screencaps, too old to have free tiem like 18-year-old, too lazy to type with CAPS, but with the Inner Fangirl still going strong – google chrome said: hay! ur top 3 websites were that, omni’s, and kabitzin’s! – i thought i should, you know, do something about it so i could concentrate during class, as much as it is fun to troll ranka x alto fans, lolz.

so instead of bootstrapping like i should be (the relevant equation being toilet humour + fixed income = unyielding zero curves) and because my eyes are popping out of their sockets after a 13 hour day, here’s something slightly different.

i am a girl, i am going to a bschool, there are no more investment banks sob though i thought i had sealed that job with that financial markets internship but i always wanted to be a lawyer anyway! (and anyway major is frighteningly passiveaggressive), i am not intellectual enough to prefer ffxii over tales of the abyss, musou power: screaming a lot and hitting notefraggers while playing ssx and backseat engineering an hero strategy or singing creep; alternate: Wall of Text crits for 9999. enough clues, i should remain moderately anonymous but for the following:

i miss having the time to fangirl, and therefore, this.

i am partial to the writing of the aforementioned jp, kabitzin, the harem of that, omni’s hd screencaps especially when he spoiled me on shirley pulling an aeris, and the occasional cat.

i plan to dump lots of essays and the occasional reaction here, and perhaps some RL through the filter of fandom, like so:

To Do #87: Religiously Conditioning + Bangs = Sheryl Hair.

it’s time the women spoke up. some of us can actually play guitar hero, lol.


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September 30, 2008 at 4:33 am

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