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tales of the abyss 2 (raw vers.)

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kurogane beat me to it!

fast pacing is fast, i remember i spent about 15 hours just getting to this part of the game.

entry in progress. reactions to come here after i finish with hedge ratios, sob.

LQ screencap gallery (x68, more cheagles than jade, some tear, and luke for a certain very small person) from LQ raw and some comments after the jump. 

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Written by mystearica

October 5, 2008 at 6:19 pm

tales of the abyss 1 (raw vers.)

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three spoiler-filled conclusions from watching it raw over lamb soup:

1. either i’ve been spoilt by watching only mecha porn over the past year (my life lived only for SPREADSHEETING) or this first episode got an even smaller budget than the symphonia ovas. 😥 it was a lot like watching a partly animated radio drama – playing it in the background gave me flashbacks to unfortunate facials, guh.

2. still loving it all, though. plenty of things to please japanese game fans – lots of asch cameos, jade/guy and asch/luke juxtaposition, backstory highlights like the sword of gardios and cold, young guy, motifs and imagery – for example the episode preview in the OP ‘as foretold by the score’ or ED, har har, and karma, of course. lots of changes made in terms of pacing and some to events, for example natalia being introduced this early instead of it being exclusively the luke and guy show, the exposition on the order of lorelei and the oracle knights (as far as i can gather), and the rapid, bloody skip through tartaroo valley, which i felt they should’ve lingered on more for sentimental reasons…

3. however i am NOT pleased at the OP trolling me, especially after getting trolled thrice in rapid succession by gurren lagann, macross frontier, and THEN code geass.

couple screencaps after the jump.

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Written by mystearica

October 4, 2008 at 2:45 am