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the internets conspire to keep me from my homework. let’s see: a flood of subs to choose from, and the leaking of nyan tra? regulatory capital is very high maintenance ok. 😦

gaku vs shinsen, tl;dr quick impressions after teh jump.

gg picks up abyss: NO CONTEST. too bad their files are so big (and i prefer the fresh colors of gaku) but ah, good times in #gg.

surprisingly, there were already three or four errors in shinsen’s translations only 5 minutes in, not counting the two errors in karma lol. although it is a ridiculously difficult song to translate, there’s also the centigradej translation floating around that is 98.5% accurate (half a point docked for awkward phrasing) and karma really, really matters because it’s literally the game in seven stanzas (or so). although it had even more errors, and it obviously didn’t reference the centigradej translation either, i prefer gaku’s translation –  i felt it was phrased more accurately in the parts that mattered.

putting shinsen’s episode 2 .ass onto gaku’s episode 2 –

guess which is correct? hint: size =/= everything

since i’m at it, some notes: luke doesn’t even mention himself here and assumes the fruit seller knows what ‘yashiki’ he is referring to. (あとで屋敷から纏めて支払う is just get [the money] from the manor later, albeit in a very casual and therefore rude form that… i can’t find a suitably rude equivalent of now.) cute, isn’t he? 😀 he actually sounds less bratty the way it played out in the game but it also happened slightly differently. my guess is, mr producer wants to underscore how annoying longhaired luke is while he can, because i see akzeriuth happening by episode 10.

now: nuance versus practicality? well, more accurately, gaku’s subs are pretty good (accuracy in both meaning and tone), but shinsen does just about everything else right and better. freelance-raw’s hueg video also lags my integrated graphics card unless i close everything else, and abyss doesn’t require macross frontier quality because the animation is simply not as beautiful. it’s a little painful for me to compare the two and be reminded that abyss’s budget is much smaller, and the HD raw just rubs it in.

apart from the relatively poor translation, shinsen’s version is beautiful. sized at the sweet spot – it has just enough quality and isn’t large enough to lag my poor asus while it runs 20123912 things at once, and the subs are also in a nice, large, readable, clear font – apart from karma, but i can butcher that in karaoke blind, so. if only gaku would release an .ass file, that would solve both their australian distro problems and let me watch without the mental red pen coming out. to be fair to shinsen, sometimes it is right when gaku is wrong (tear’s 故郷 = hometown, not orders). this makes the dilemma worse, lol.

coming this thursday: translations of bouken suisei (full version) and yes, a stab at karma. i NEED to get bouken suisei out of my head, ugh, and until i translate it the mirror imagery is EVERYWHERE.

俺わガイなこと、ただの使用人でなんて 思ってない!♥


Written by mystearica

October 7, 2008 at 4:46 am

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