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to-do list

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  • blog abyss as it comes out, possibly other series,
  • meta for macross frontier, plus a dash of blather for code geass (et tu, clamp).
  • consistent meta and a few notes on characterisation in reborn.
  • resist urge to watch ugly betty and blather about house.
  • gameblogs probable (51/256) once ps2/ps3 is re-equipped.
  • resist urge to blather about real life.

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September 30, 2008 at 5:21 am

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i actually started this up because i got really sick of basel ii and ecap – to the point of getting on encyclopedia dramatica and blatantly serfing during class. said concepts were supposed to be inhaled, a part of me, like the back of my hand, etc, three weeks ago, but nevertheless! indulging an idea i’ve been wanting to execute for three years – ie blog publicly about a habit that i’ve had for nine years, i can’t believe that i’m so old already – also counts as personal growth, yes?

[…someone beat me to by 9 days. *sob*]

really, the discovery of jp showed me The Way: meta ftw. too lazy busy to take screencaps, too old to have free tiem like 18-year-old, too lazy to type with CAPS, but with the Inner Fangirl still going strong – google chrome said: hay! ur top 3 websites were that, omni’s, and kabitzin’s! – i thought i should, you know, do something about it so i could concentrate during class, as much as it is fun to troll ranka x alto fans, lolz.

so instead of bootstrapping like i should be (the relevant equation being toilet humour + fixed income = unyielding zero curves) and because my eyes are popping out of their sockets after a 13 hour day, here’s something slightly different.

i am a girl, i am going to a bschool, there are no more investment banks sob though i thought i had sealed that job with that financial markets internship but i always wanted to be a lawyer anyway! (and anyway major is frighteningly passiveaggressive), i am not intellectual enough to prefer ffxii over tales of the abyss, musou power: screaming a lot and hitting notefraggers while playing ssx and backseat engineering an hero strategy or singing creep; alternate: Wall of Text crits for 9999. enough clues, i should remain moderately anonymous but for the following:

i miss having the time to fangirl, and therefore, this.

i am partial to the writing of the aforementioned jp, kabitzin, the harem of that, omni’s hd screencaps especially when he spoiled me on shirley pulling an aeris, and the occasional cat.

i plan to dump lots of essays and the occasional reaction here, and perhaps some RL through the filter of fandom, like so:

To Do #87: Religiously Conditioning + Bangs = Sheryl Hair.

it’s time the women spoke up. some of us can actually play guitar hero, lol.


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September 30, 2008 at 4:33 am

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